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Before and After

"Thank you for all your help. Having my tooth fixed has changed my life. I never smiled, laughed and had to cover my mouth to talk but now I smile all the time. I feel like you gave me back my life. God Bless you and Dr. Mai."

Student A.C.  

Is Your Child Uninsured?

Parent checking temperature of sick child

Project K.I.N.D. was built around the idea that all children deserve to have access to healthcare services regardless of their ability to pay or legal status in the country. Therefore, Project K.I.N.D. manages a network of healthcare professionals willing to volunteer their professional services and treat the uninsured children of Riverside County.

To obtain services for your children, just follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Speak with your child’s school nurse and ask for a referral to Project K.I.N.D.
  2. Accurately complete and sign the Intake Form and return to the school's nurse or health staff.
  3. Await a phone call from Project K.I.N.D. to verify the intake form information. Ensure your child attends the scheduled appointment assigned to you by Project K.I.N.D. staff.

Project K.I.N.D. has partnered with 5 school districts in Riverside County. If your child is a registered student in any of the following school districts Project K.I.N.D. services are available for your child.
Riverside USD, Corona-Norco USD, Alvord USD, Beaumont USD, and Moreno Valley USD.
If you are experiencing transportation challenges, please inform our Project K.I.N.D. staff for resources and assistance during the intake process.
Often times, the treating provider will prescribe medication to the child. You may either take the prescription to your local pharmacy or you can have the prescription filled at one of our participating contracted pharmacies and have Project K.I.N.D. cover the cost of the medication. To locate a participating contracted pharmacy near you, please contact us at (951) 686-1976. Selected pharmacies have home delivery service available.
All services coordinated through Project K.I.N.D. are at “No Cost” to the parents. If the provider schedules you for a follow-up visit, please be sure to call the Project K.I.N.D. office and inform the staff. Project K.I.N.D. will take the necessary steps to ensure the follow-up visit is not charged to you.
Project K.I.N.D. maintains a well-established partnership with local hospitals. If you have a child in need of emergency services, please contact the PK office. For immediate assistance, we advise you to dial 911.

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