What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead. ~ Neal A. Maxwell
Shining Star of the Month

John Davis, RN RUSD District Nurse was recognized and awarded the Certificate of Excellence in 2015 for his commitment and outstanding effort in serving the uninsured children of RUSD. John has been a long time partner, advocate and friend of Project K.I.N.D. Thank you for always believing in our mission.

For Nurses

How PK Helps Uninsured Students

Nurse thinking of Medical, Dental, and Vision!

Project K.I.N.D. began in 1994 when a small group of school nurses and a pediatrician discussed the problem facing school age children who lacked access to health care due to being uninsured and not eligible for federal or state aid. A volunteer network of physicians, dentists, and optometrists was formed to provide access to quality health care at no cost to the patient with the school nurse acting as the “gatekeeper.” The school nurse identifies the child as having an urgent need and not having insurance. Project K.I.N.D’s commitment is to address acute illness, reduce public health risks, manage pain, and assist in returning the child to school as soon as possible.

Project K.I.N.D. staff will email the referring district nurse with the outcome of the referral. If we are having difficulty reaching the parents, we will make contact with the referring party of the child’s school. Once we receive notification back from the treating provider, PK will advise the district nurse of the outcome.
Once a referral is received by Project K.I.N.D. staff, we will contact the parents and coordinate services within 24 hours of receipt. The child may be seen on the same day but that all depends on the parent’s schedule and transportation availability.
Project K.I.N.D. is partnered with 5 school districts in Riverside County. Listed below you will find the school districts currently partnered with Project K.I.N.D; Riverside USD, Corona-Norco USD, Alvord USD, Beaumont USD and Moreno Valley USD
Project K.I.N.D. is always looking to expand in the areas within Riverside with a great need for service. Establishing a partnership with Project K.I.N.D. and accessing services for the students in your district is fast and easy. Please contact the Program Director for more information and to schedule a Meet & Greet.