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Above and Beyond Award 2019

Above and Beyond Award 2019

Dr. Norma Lantzsch joined Project K.I.N.D. volunteer network of providers in 2016 initially offering to host a Dental Clinic in the spring.  Dr. Lantzsch has since opened her office to treat children referred to Project KIND for dental care throughout her normal days of operation.  She recognized the great need the children have to be seen immediately instead of waiting for a Dental Clinic event to be scheduled.  Dr. Lantzsch commits to finishing the entire treatment plan for the children referred to her regardless of the intensity of the work needed. 

One example is work she completed on a Riverside Unified School District student.  Jose’s treatment was completed in her office after 20 visits, working on almost every tooth and restoring his smile.  Jose feels like a new person and his confidence level increased because he is not ashamed to smile anymore.  Being a high school senior and getting ready to enter his young adult life, having a bright smile is the confidence boost he needed. 

Project KIND is proud to award Dr. Norma Lantzsch with the Above and Beyond Award 2019.